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snug adj
1 offering safety; well protected or concealed; "a snug harbor"; "a snug hideout"
2 fitting closely but comfortably; "a close fit" [syn: close, close-fitting]
3 well and tightly constructed; "a snug house"; "a snug little sailboat"
4 enjoying or affording comforting warmth and shelter especially in a small space; "a cozy nook near the fire"; "snug in bed"; "a snug little apartment" [syn: cozy, cosy] n : a small secluded room [syn: cubby, cubbyhole, snuggery] [also: snugging, snugged, snuggest, snugger]

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From Provincial English snug (meaning tight, handsome); compare Icelandic snöggur (smooth), Old Danish snög (meaning neat), Swedish snygg.



  1. small, comfortable back room in a pub


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Related terms


comfortable; cosy, cozy
close fitting


  1. To make secure or snug.
  2. To snuggle or nestle.

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